I am Holly, a wife, mother, and storyteller. Sit with me awhile. I'll share stories of the mess and glory of this life, and we can inspire each other to blaze new trails with our families.


Cultivate passion in your home learning with intentionally-designed, nature-based units blending family, life skills, science, history, and more.


Lifestyle Learning: Making Your Own Bow and Quiver
Pretending to be Robin Hood in the forest or Indians on the Plains, a bow and arrow can bring delight[...]
Are You Bringing School Home or Creating a Home School?
As home education becomes a more popular choice these days, I worry many mothers are scared to death they cannot[...]
Sunrise at Babcock Ranch, An Out of The Ordinary Quiet.
It was 4 a.m. when the dogs began barking from the kennel. They knew it was time to get up and[...]
10 Homemade Holiday Gifts Round Up
Making homemade holiday gifts is a tradition around our house. We like to keep an array of gifts on hand[...]

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