Roller Skates are still COOL

By Holly Giles | Family

homeschool roller skates

Along with my Sister in Law, we took our boys roller skating today.  It was the first time my boys had on roller skates. We were at the VERY rink I skated at as a child!  The nostalgia hit me in the face when we entered the rink and they were doing the double dutch bus…  My 70’s inner child on roller skates wanted to break out in hand motions, but I refrained for fear my kids wouldn’t understand.

As we entered the SK8’s room, and I looked around, I think those might still be the same roller skates from 30 years ago.  I helped the boys get fitted with their roller skates, and I could see fear come over their faces as they realized this might be awkward.  At that moment, I saw my failure in their childhood fun!!!  I have not given them this experience until today.
 The limbo, backward skate, and boogie tunes are a completely alien phenomena to them.
When they were laced and stood up, Crockett promptly hit the floor.  Trying to climb up me like a chipmunk, I thought we would not make it to the beginner rink.  He was too heavy for me to carry over there. He was going to have to do the carpet crawl.  They both got the hang of the wall hugging shuffle across the carpet to the beginner rink and went at it.
As I watched them navigate this new thrill of roller skates.  I was taken back to being 10 and skate night at our school.  My friends and I had cool Kmart jeans with an embroidered roller skate on the back pocket, complete with a lace up and everything.  Roller skating was where all the gossip when down, and giggly girls talked to boys.  In my teens, the rink is where we hung out, mostly socializing at the snack bar until someone’s mom came to pick us up.
My how times change.

I think we will give roller skating a try again.  Next time, I’ll lace up a pair of those cute skates and show the boys a thing or two, while I sway to the musical sounds of Air Supply.

See you on the floor!
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