Teller Tube Tumble – Mama’s Musings

By Holly Giles | Mama's Musings

I drove through a bank the other day to make a deposit for a client.  I was listening to the boys tell a story and wasn’t paying attention when I sent the teller tube back.  When I grabbed it, it hit the side of my car and I dropped it.  The teller tube rolled under my car.  I opened my door, but I was too close to the curb to get out, so I wedged myself in the door to feel around, no luck.

I had Crockett get out and look on his side, “Way up under the car Mama, your gonna have to pull up!”   Great!  I look in the rearview mirror, and of course, there are about 6 cars in line behind me for the only open teller window.


I squeeze myself back into my seat. Then I told Crockett to go stand behind the car so when I move so the other cars don’t move forward.  I move forward, Crockett runs to get the tube and hands it to me through the opposite window.  I get my receipts and hand the teller tube back to him to return.
 I explained how to put it up into the little window so it would stay.

Apparently, putting the teller tube back is a learned skill and was quite confusing. I now hear the teller, “Can I help you”, Crockett said, “No, I got it”.   Just as I hollered out the window, “Don’t push any buttons!!”, he pushed the send button and began trying to stick his head under the little window so he could see how it goes.  It is fascinating to a curious boy you know!

Wondering if the growing line behind me is going to start a riot, I was anxious to get out of here.  “Get in the car!!” I hollered, just before he pushed the call button.  “Is there a problem”, I hear from the speaker.  Looking startled, Crockett bolted to the car.
Thankfully I only frequent that bank on a monthly basis.  Hopefully the incident
 will be forgotten by next month!


Has that ever happened to you at the bank?  Rolling the tube under your car?
Surely, I’m not the only one!

This is normal for us at the Frontier, we can sometimes leave confusion and chaos in our wake.  So, I will be writing on occasion, “Mama’s Musings”, those funny moments that keep life interesting.

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