Bread and Jam and a Homeschool Tea Party too!

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

homeschool tea party
 Last week to get Cowboy excited about his homeschool lessons, we read the series of Frances.
 We love Frances, she is a badger that seems to find trouble, but in the end
redeems herself and learns a lesson.
I found a unit study book by Valerie Bendt on Frances, and so we read!
In Bread and Jam, Frances ends up eating nothing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but bread and jam because she refuses to try anything new.  It doesn’t take long before the sight of it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.  When she does get to take a real lunch to school, we did a comparison with her friend Albert, and all the lunch he eats.  Cowboy served
up the lunch from the play kitchen and Crockett added up how much the lunch would cost.


In the next book, A Bargain for Frances, she gets fooled by her friend out of her money for a new tea set.  They love playing tea.  At our house, who says dirty boys don’t play tea?  Cowboy is always up for a rousing homeschool tea party with friends.  As you can see Crockett is not so excited about it, but he will sit through anything if sweets and sandwiches are involved!

Cowboy made a butterfly jam sandwich and he also made apple tarts for the occasion.


He used granny smith apples, cinnamon, a dash of sugar and about a 1/4 cup of butter.  We cut circles out of prepared pie crust with a sandwich crimping tool.  He is really into helping in the kitchen right now, so I let him go!  They were tasty.  I picked up two
petit fours and a brownie ball at the bakery to make it special.
The reason I embarrass Crockett with photos of a homeschool tea party with their mommy is that he actually LOVES it.  He may say he tolerates it for his little brother, but don’t be fooled.
This time with them is so fleeting, if I decided not to attempt simple, silly things with them, we would have missed out.
Moms, take every opportunity to extend a silly book, or just have tea (lemonade).  They are learning, and they are remembering the time with you.
What skills can I tack on to this activity to put in the books if I must?
-The boys learned proper table setting
-We learned which way to serve guests, to offer to the table before serving yourself
-napkins are ALWAYS appropriate
-we did math addition in our acting out the lunchtime scene
-measurement and cooking skills
-imaginative play at any age is immeasurable!
What did you play today?

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