Strawberry Ice Pops for Hens

By Holly Giles | hen house

homeschool hen
The heat has finally gotten to the hens.  Thursday they decided NO eggs were worthy of laying in their hot nest. So, our basket was empty at collecting time.  I decided maybe we should try a new recipe I saw over at  Fresh Eggs Daily
Whenever I cut strawberries, I always put the tops in the freezer for the hens. I let them thaw, the boys cut fresh mint from the garden and filled two ice trays with strawberry tops, the juice from the strawberries, mint, and water.
Today we took them out ……..
Then, we filled the trays with lemon juice, strawberries, and mint for the kids to put in their glasses of water for a
 little lemon-berry-mint treat!
At first, the hens needed coaching to see the odd frozen thing in the bowl, but once they started pecking it, all the girls made it disappear fast!


 Now it was the boys turn to try out their flavor-filled cubes in a glass of water. The hens can’t have all the fun.
I think it cooled them off too!
It was refreshing, but we decided that one lemony berry mint ice cube was enough for one glass.  Too much mint isn’t a good thing but the hens didn’t seem to mind. They just enjoyed the cool treat to beat the heat.
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