A walk in the Grass

By Holly Giles | Family

We were busy today.  Staying on track has been hard this week. I was on drill duty to keep the boys on task! Yet a walk in the grass became the day’s focus.
Cowboy needed a break, so I gave him 20 minutes outside to use his homemade bow.
When I went out back to wrangle him in, he had a sad look on his face.  He said
couldn’t come back in because he lost one of his arrows.  There was a nice breeze
blowing through this Florida heat, so I told him we would look for it together.
As we walked around the yard staring at the grass, Cowboy discovered a moth. It looked like it
had shed its body and wings.  I stumbled upon a dead cicada in perfect form.  Crockett joined in the
arrow hunt and found a sandhill crane wing feather.  We began to get excited about all the things we
were seeing in the grass! We forgot about the arrow. I found an unusual caterpillar down in the grass,
eating a weed.  Crockett brought over a bucket and we started a new hunt!
The moth was a Polyphemus moth that is nocturnal. The cicada is a
 Swamp Cicada .  We always have Sandhill Cranes walking around by the lake, and finding
 a feather of any kind is exciting for Grayson, he is our resident birder.
Grant discovered a purple wildflower, to others it may be a weed that pops up when your lawn hasn’t been
 mowed, but I prefer wildflower! The seed pod came from a magnolia tree. We usually don’t
get many flowers because the squirrels chew off the pod, take the seeds, then toss the pod.
 It can be like bombs dropping on your head sometimes!
 It is amazing all the things that are right under our feet in the grass every day that we never see.
It made me think about my daily walk with Jesus.  How many things has he tried to show
me as I scan over my days?
Some days are a blur to just survive motherhood, some have my focus on things of this world.
What if we dedicated complete focus on our walk with Jesus, as we do the other things in our life.
What could we discover when we look at one small area, with complete intent.
Might it be the answer to a prayer?
Maybe we would feel the holy spirit leading you down a path you did not expect?
 Or are we scattering our focus on the whole yard and not the blades of grass?

As the breezes flow in your life, I encourage you to take a walk and see what you find!

I would like to share with you my nature walk tote and a few books that might read best
under a tree!   I keep it near the front door to pick up as we head out.

 It is full of items to enhance a walk in the park, picnic or a hike in the woods.  You could
make one out of anything that suits your needs.  I happen to have this garden tote
I knew had a grander purpose! The one below is a cotton tote from Walmart,
we designed an iron on for a friend!
I like to include a ruler, magnifying glass, bug keepers, small bird book, paper, crayons,
 tweezers, small clipboard, and paper bags for an impromptu scavenger hunt!
I offer several scavenger hunts in my book, Blaze New Trails.
 I like to use the egg cartons for a color hunt.
 Six of the holes are painted a color, and the idea is to go on a hunt and bring back
something of every color. When the kids really have to focus on the unusual, they are surprised and
excited about what they find.
This morning’s diversion of the findings in the grass was definitely a whisper from above.
I have had so many things scattering in my head this week, that focusing to be productive
 has been difficult.  The arrow hunt reminded me that I must take one piece of information
at a time, process it, pray about it, and then move on to the next.
We did not find that arrow today. We did linger a little longer in the yard to enjoy the
breeze and sunshine. Maybe we will have to take another walk in the
 grass tomorrow and see what we find!
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