Today, This Mom Just Wanted a Shower..

By Holly Giles | Family

I live in a 1965 home.  They apparently didn’t believe in master
bathrooms at that time. I live with my husband and two boys. Boys who
are starting to smell more frequently.  Today, I went to have a shower.
When I entered the bathroom, which is very tiny by the way, and in it’s original
1965 powder blue tile from top to bottom, I noticed that
the toilet was clogged.  I left the bathroom to make sure that the person
who clogged it had not put an object into the toilet that was not supposed to
be there.  I proceeded to flush the toilet to see if that would remedy the problem.
For some reason, the toilet acted like a mini geyser and shot toilet water into the air.
Great, now I need to clean the floor and the toilet before I have a shower. I reach behind the toilet to get
the toilet brush and find two pairs of socks, underwear and a crock shoe we have
been missing.  My toilet is not that big.
Now that I am cleaning the toilet, I might as well clean the whole area and get that done.
I grab the shower curtain to pull it back and notice how dirty it is with hand prints, and for
some reason toothpaste. How does toothpaste get on the shower curtain?
I’ll have to wash that when I get done.  As I turn on the water for my shower,
I see big white flakes all over the bottom of my blue cast iron tub.  I look up.
Because my boys are now entering the “stinky” phase of boyhood, many
more showers are happening daily in this tiny bathroom.  A remodel has been on my
to-do list for well, about 15 years now.  There is not an exhaust fan and the air flow is
not that great.  So, with additional daily showers, the effects are a peeling ceiling.

I’ll add scrape down the bathroom ceiling and repaint on my list.  Right now, I just
REALLY want a shower.  I clean the tub before I get in, then lather up.Just as I rinse my hair and feel more human, I feel something fall on my head and shoulders.
Yep, the rest of the ceiling came down in large flakes on my clean hair and shoulders.
I guess my shower is over.

I dry off while waiting for the mirror to clear up.  It doesn’t seem to clear?  Oh, that isn’t fog,
it is runny toothpaste, again.  Do the boys Spit at the mirror?  Really?  I get my cleaning
cloth out again and clean the mirror so I can see to wash my face and make sure I got all the
ceiling out of my hair.  Oh, wait, that isn’t white ceiling flakes, that is a large patch of
gray hair that just seemed to sprout up in my bangs.  I really don’t think that was there
yesterday, but I couldn’t really see up close yesterday due to the toothpaste on the mirror.
I will add hair dye to the grocery list.

All I really wanted was a shower today. You know what I’m talking about.  Even as the
kids get out of diapers, can halfway fend for themselves, a shower can still be elusive
some days.  I know one day I will miss the toothpaste spit that seems to take over the
bathroom and the dirty socks all over the floor. I will laugh at the ceiling falling down, 
maybe, once I get it scrapped and repaint it.

Well, at least the bathroom is clean, for today.

Anyone have any suggestions for my bathroom ceiling. I will be working on that tomorrow.
Probably before I have a shower.

It is always an adventure here at the Frontier!



About the Author

Holly Giles is a wife, mother, and storyteller. As an author and Florida Master Naturalist, she writes about heritage homemaking skills, motherhood, and why Florida offers the best hidden natural gems to explore as a family.