This Mom Just Wants a Shower, Revisited

By Holly Giles | Family


 Looking back through past posts I discovered one of my favorites that sums up a day here at The Giles Frontier.  Messy.  I have an update on this shower day and a gift from my husband.

I wrote about the shower incident. Then, six months later, as a birthday
 “gift”, Curtis and the boys wrote me a lovely card that said they would remodel
and repaint the bathroom for me.  Now, I never look a gift horse in the mouth, but
I wondered how a bathroom that EVERYONE uses ends up being a gift for me.
You would have to understand my husband’s train of thought on romance.
I have received trash cans, garden hoses, and other necessities in the form of
gifts throughout our 21 years.  I am not a jewelry kinda gal anyway!
I chose not to do a complete remodel, yet.  I am no fool. I still have two young boys
at home. There are a few more years of toothpaste spit, muddy feet and the

occasional reptile found in that bathroom.

The bathroom is freshly painted, new light fixture and lovely new mirror.

I will save my dream bath for retirement.
So I take you back to my original post and hope you get a laugh or two on the
second go around! You may find yourself in this story and know we are all
in it together, one spit mirror at a time…
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