Simple Gifts: Nature in a Jar

By Holly Giles | handicrafts

This simple craft can lead to many nature study adventures.
You never know when excitement over a frog or butterfly will insue!
 I am always looking for simple projects to keep us at home and enjoying what is around us. 
Keeping simple jars around ready to fill with wonder is at the heart of 
nature study. The great thing about nature in a jar is that it is for all ages. 
Even mom can create a terrarium for the kitchen!
Use this as a craft project to get started on a backyard adventure. 
You can make this as simple or elaborate as you desire and I think
it makes the perfect gift for cousins and friends for birthdays and any upcoming holidays. 

It is a gift with purpose to explore nature.

I will share the items in our nature in a jar and you can work from there.


                   plastic jar – glass is nice too but make sure it is age appropriate
                   a handful of rocks – we had small river rocks on hand, but any will do
                   a handful of soil – dirt works well too
                   moss mat – for a gift I added a piece of green moss that comes in a roll,
                   you cut it to fit your project. We use this for many projects.
                   acorns – pretty stones – Spanish moss – sunflower sticker
We made these for our convention booth, so we made them 
pretty by adding the paper sunflower.
You can make them any way you like, even adding plastic frogs
or butterflies to get the possibilities flowing.
I think this project would be great for a co-op class or for your
children to make as gifts for the holidays. Very inexpensive and
a handmade item. Those are always winners around our house.


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