Why Attend a Homeschool Convention? – A Perspective from the Other Side

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

I avoided going to a homeschool convention for the first four years of schooling my boys at home.
I was told, “it will overwhelm you!”. Yes, it was overwhelming and I got
a serious migraine the first time I went to a large convention. All the curriculum
 choices, row after row of stuff that will make my kid smarter, an overachiever and 
get into a good college. 

Was I not doing a good job already? Was I failing my children by not having
17 subjects to cover and filling my home with the curriculum?

But then, something happened.

The tables turned after a few years and I became a speaker and exhibitor at 
a convention trying to inspire families on their journey with their children.

I want to share with you my perspective on why you should
 attend a convention near you.

 If you go prepared, it can change your direction and speak to your heart.

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in Molly Green Magazine

So, next time you go to a convention, stop by the booths that look out of the
ordinary, their products look a little different and children are running the
cash register. They just might be a family like yours who have found a way
to enjoy home education in a simple way.


Don’t look for bargain basement pricing, because odds are, these families 
are printing, binding, packaging, and labeling themselves. Small businesses 
usually don’t get deep discounts on their materials. They can’t afford to 
order thousands of a copy of their books.

Why should you care about what these families have to offer
They are in the trenches with you. Good days, bad days 
and days when the yellow school bus is looking like
a viable solution to the madness.

This life isn’t easy. However, God has called us and other families to share 
stories with you of our heartbreak, failures and everyday successes as
 we raise our children. 

So if you see us in your town,

 Come say hi. We will give you a big southern hug and tell you that 
you are doing awesome work in your home. 
We will answer your questions, let you sit a spell 
in our booth and hope you leave inspired to carry on. 

homeschool convention 3
If you bring me coffee (cream and sugar), we may be friends forever.
 I never get the chance to leave the booth and find good coffee.

See you soon,
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