DIY All Purpose Utility Pouch

By Holly Giles | handicrafts

Creating useful tools, like an all-purpose utility pouch for children to use is part of life skills training. This utility pouch first came out of necessity and then quickly became an all-purpose, fun addition to backyard play or chores.

Grayson was a part of a skeet shooting club and needed a pouch to hold the shell box. After seeing the price tag at the local outdoor store I declared that a homemade utility pouch was necessary. At first, Grayson rolled his eyes at the thought of his momma making his pouch. I said we would come up with something awesome and with camo fabric and that seemed to calm his fears.


I took one of the empty shell boxes and started looking around in the garage for something that it would fit down in. After coming up empty I saw a few empty tea jugs in a corner. A half gallon plastic jug was the perfect fit.


I studied the jug and drew out a pattern to make a cover that had an outside pocket and a slide through pocket for Grayson’s belt. We both cut the fabric and Grayson helped me sew it all together. The finished product actually worked! His first time on the skeet field with it and everyone started asking where they could get one. Sometimes lack of funds makes cool inventions.


Grant decided he wanted one to collect rocks in and treasures he found in the yard. So, I thought your kids might want to fashion their own utility pouch for whatever collection they want to carry around their waist. The example we have is actually for collecting eggs. Let your kids be creative in what to use their pouch for. They might come up with an attachment, a lid or something completely different. Give them some discarded items to start with and let their imaginations go wild.



plastic half gallon jug

knife with adult supervision


washi tape, masking tape or duct tape

photo 1 (4)


Cut the jug at the halfway mark or however deep you need the pouch to be. If you are carrying eggs, it may need to be deeper than carrying rocks.

Next, cut two vertical strips on one side of the jug about 2 inches apart. This is for the belt to loop through.

Cover the sharp edges around the top of the jug with tape. I covered most of the jug with the chicken washi tape.

Your jug is now an all-purpose utility pouch ready to put into service! Easy.

photo 3 (29)


This is where your kids can take over. Let their imaginations soar on how to use their utility tote.

It might hold a snack for an afternoon outside.

It can hold treasures from a nature scavenger hunt.

Race cars, rag dolls or eggs from the coop can keep their pouch full everyday.




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