Homemade Trailblazer Granola

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Our Go-To Snack

Granola is one of those snacks that makes you feel like you are outdoors even if your not. I remember making granola in grade school on a campout and we called it GORP. I am not sure what the O stands for but it had granola, raisins peanuts and m&m’s in it. Good stuff.

As a mom of boys who is always looking to make a multipurpose snack this granola recipe goes a long way. I have added it to a quick bread recipe, mixed it with yogurt and fruit, and used it as cereal with milk.

We find ourselves at parks, trails and even in the car when hunger strikes and we don’t’ have a lot of choices. Grayson and Grant have been known to eat this even if the bag came from the bottom of my purse and it is a bit flattened.

Family Recipe

This granola recipe is a great family recipe that the kids can participate in or make all by themselves. Granola can be personalized to everyone’s personal favorite add-ins. We do not add nuts to our recipe before the cooking process because Grant is allergic to tree nuts. I let Grayson add some to his own personal jar. Everyone feels like the snack was made just for them.

granola 2

Using Seasonal Fruit

I have talked before about drying seasonal fruit for later use. This is where that comes into play. I love to add dried strawberries, bananas and apples. I cut them up into small bits so they go further in the recipe. Having these items make this recipe feel almost totally homemade. If you picked the fruit or purchased the honey from a local apiary or farmer’s market. Children love being a part of this process for providing food for the family. Let them get creative.

Granola can be used in so many different ways. Breakfast cereal and a fruit parfait are tops in our home. Add some yogurt and fresh fruit and you have a meal.

granola 3


granola 4




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