Does heading outdoors to learn leave you feeling lost?

  • Are you overwhelmed with all the choices and styles?
  • Are you spending too much time doing work with your kids?
  • Have you thought you made the wrong decision to homeschool?
  • Do you wish there was a better way than textbooks?

What if you had a Personal Guide who has been down this path before you?

  • To dispell the curriculum myth.
  • To help you understand how YOUR children learn best.
  • To share 17 years of experience with proven results.
  • To build your family relationships for the future.
  • To use your own community offerings as your base learning.
  • To inspire you to enjoy these days with your kids.

Let me be your Personal Guide in blazing your own trail and homeschool path. Discover how home education can be a way of life by using my Blaze New Trails book and courses.

Blaze New Trails is comprehensive guide using nature to connect learning:
  • Nine units with ready to use resources and hands on activities.
  • Practical tips and ideas to foster a creative approach to lifestyle learning.
  • Weaves science, history, literature and life skills with multiple ages.
  • Full color photos, lessons, hands-on activities and projects, 240 pages.
  • Built in lesson planner to guide you through a full year.
  • Ideal for early elementary through pre-teen.
Elizabeth Quigley

“I love that we can pull a lesson together so quickly. I am not an outdoor girl, but

Holly has inspired mewith new ways to engage my children and they are loving it. I treasure the memories we are making together. These books will serve us well for years and are a must have for any family needing encouragement along the way!”

What will you Discover?

Nature Study

Nature is calling right outside your back door! Holly shares step by step on how to weave it into your everyday life. Nature inspires curiosity, builds focus and brings calm to a child's life.

Connect with your community

Your community is filled with resources to bring experiential learning to your finger tips. Holly shows you where to find them, how to use them and  keep your children engaged.

Real life stories

Can homeschool really be like that? Yes it can. Sharing our successes and failures will help you realize home education is a process. Laugh at our chicken coop debacle,  tear up as I learn to accept my son at his level, let your mouth water as we pick our own strawberries and learn to can jam.

You CAN do this! 

We need each other on this journey. You can free your family from the confines of a curriculum box. Learn from your community, build amazing friendships and discover the world around you. An education your children will remember long after they leave your home. Break free and blaze new trails!

holly giles home schooling 5b

About the Author: Holly Giles

Holly is a wife, mother and storyteller. After facing challenges early on with her two sons, she made her own trail in education and created a lifestyle of learning sparked by God's design. Her passion is now to show other families how to liberate their learning and build strong family relationships. Holly is a national motivational speaker for homeschool conventions, women's retreats and family events. She also writes for several publications including Molly Green Magazine and FPEA Connect Magazine. Holly co-hosts Roadschool Moms on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

What People Are Saying

Cheryl Bastian, Celebrate Simple

“Blaze New Trails offers tried and true ideas, book lists, links and poetry, all ready to use with multi-aged learners. Her practical tips go beyond paper and pencil to experience where learning meets life. ”

Janet Cruz

“As a newer Mom to homeschooling, Blaze New Trails was a breath of fresh air among all the textbook curriculum out there. The chapters are easy to follow and my children are delighted to learn. 

Christine Brown

“Kids are naturally curious and learn best when they can ask why. Blaze New Trails is all you need to get them asking all the right questions.”

Sheila Sepulveda

“Blaze New Trails is an excellent tool that encourages even the "outdoor inexperienced" mom to take part in outdoor learning. It is beautifully written, organized and very easy to use. ”

Inspired, fun Learning for the whole family!

Is your homeschool simple or stressful?

Be inspired to make learning at home, fun and simple. Blaze New Trails will show you how to use resources you already have and your own community to bring learning home.