Homeschooling High School Series Podcast

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

Homeschooling High School Cheryl Bastian joins me on the porch, well actually at the dining table today. We talk about homeschooling high school. On this chilly morning, we talk about how not to fear the high school years and start with what you know. Cheryl is a veteran mom who has been homeschooling high school over […]

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Become a Backyard Naturalist

By Holly Giles | Great Outdoors , Nature Study

Become a Backyard Naturalist A naturalist is someone who studies living things in their habitat.  Naturalists observes the same thing over time to see how it changes. Backyard naturalists appreciate nature, the life and behavior of plants, animals and other living things. You and your children can become naturalists by observing the changes in nature […]

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