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ultimate science curriculum

 Blaze New Trails: Full color, 239 pages. 9 units, learning from nature, your community and life skills Physical product. Ages 6 - 12+

New supplement for Blaze New Trails with ideas to plan your year.

 Junior Trailblazer Field Guide Series

Digital mini-units designed for moms who need ready-to-go, easy multi-subject studies. Each unit includes 3-5 easy-to-follow lessons that can be completed in 1-6 weeks, 2+ hands-on activities, field trips, recipe, book lists and helpful videos.

fall science curriculum

October Apples

Backyard Naturalist

Farmer's Market


Pond Life

Beaches & Sea Turtles

 NO chickens REQUIRED!

Orange Grove

The Gathering Table Guides

Digital literature guides. Each is based on one book with crafts, hands-on activities, geography, cooking, art, poetry, sensory play, field trips, additional book lists, videos and mom's quiet time.

The Penderwicks


The Raft

Andrew Henry's Meadow

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