Homeschool Lifestyle Coaching with Holly Giles
The Back Porch is open!

My desire is to encourage, and instill a peaceful heart in mothers who have chosen to homeschool.

I want you to enjoy the days at home with your children. Even the hard ones that make you feel like you want to quit or flag down the school bus. I can guide you in finding the balance in your home and what works for each individual child.  Click the interested button above and share with me what your needs are.

I coach families who:

  • are looking to create a balanced home learning environment and not a "school at home" approach
  • need practical tips and solutions to incorporate in their weekly routines
  • who want to nurture each child's passion and curiosity
  • need support and encouragement in their decision to homeschool
  • may be struggling to move forward after a season of change, loss or other personal event
  • looking to bring more homemaking, life skills and simple living into the home.

We can work together to:

  • give you accountability in creating a structure and routine
  • answer your questions on a weekly basis through email, video and telephone
  • encourage you through tough moments and behaviors
  • create a balance in the whole family's life, including mom

Sanity Saver

40 minute phone/video call to preserve your sanity and get you back on track, along with 2 follow up emails.

Blaze a Trail

Holly will help you set a clear path in your days at home. 40 minutes of phone time and 4 weeks of daily email access for accountability and direction.

Family Steward

Holly will work with you on creating a rhythm and routine with a step-by-step plan and weekly encouragement. 2 hours phone time. 4 weeks of daily email access. 

Trail Tracker

Weekly email and 1- 15 minute phone/video to encourage and guide you with your current homeschool plan. 4 week email access. 

I look forward to walking alongside you and help guide your journey to a confident plan of action and keep family relationships in the forefront of your home.