Homeschooling High School Series Podcast

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

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Homeschooling High School

Cheryl Bastian joins me on the porch, well actually at the dining table today. We talk about homeschooling high school. On this chilly morning, we talk about how not to fear the high school years and start with what you know.

Cheryl is a veteran mom who has been homeschooling high school over and over again. Her insight into what she has learned and how she looks at high school now will help you in your focus.

There is freedom and responsibility in the last few years of homeschooling your children. How can we make it count?

As the author of Celebrate High School and a mentor of mine, Cheryl has insight and experience that you will appreciate and by the end of the series. You will feel great about the high school years.

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Cheryl is also a contributor here at the Learning Lifestyle Revival. She adds content for the middle and high school years to our learning modules.

Grab your favorite drink, a notepad and enjoy my conversation with Cheryl.

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