The adventures with my family has led to some incredible experiences and lessons in real-life living. I use those moments to encourage and inspire other families on their own journey.

My husband, Curtis and I have been married for 22 years. We had no idea how amazing and exhausting parenting would be! Our choice to home educate came out of necessity. Yet, we quickly realized this was where we belonged, together at home, learning along the way.

As a family we have faced diagnoses that changed our life. We have had pain, sadness and abundant joy too. We have taken a path less traveled and revealed stories of our journey with families to bring them hope. Our lifestyle of learning is all about family and how we can succeed on the road laid out ahead. Life is really about relationships, beginning at home.

Most popular speaking topics:

The Learning Lifestyle Revival

Early in her home-school journey, Holly struggled with traditional learning with her first son. In the search for the "perfect" curriculum, Holly discovered the secret in the success of pioneering home-school families. Weaving daily life and the world around them provided an excellent education.  These families used their community and natural resources as their day planner.  Join Holly as she shares with you how to start a learning lifestyle revival in your home. She shares how to use your family's interest to educate and provide purposeful, natural learning for your children.

Targeting the Talent and Passion in Your Children

A How do you find and use your children's God-given talents and skills to help them succeed in their education and beyond? Holly shares her personal story of how she was led to embrace a non-traditional education for her son and use his skills and passions to teach. This method changed their family's dynamics and put them on a path they never expected. Holly will help you look for sparks and glimmers of skills that can motivate your children beyond paper and pen. (This topic can be special needs specific also)

Surviving Exhausting Joy

 Home-schooling can be a challenge in itself. However add in family, marriage, learning challenges and laundry and the joy in our days can turn into exhaustion. Follow Holly's journey as she shares her funny and real stories of how God has helped her find joy in the messy days time and again. Her stories of survival will ring true with yours as she shares how you can survive the exhausting joy of being a wife, mother and home educator.

Break Free and Teach your Kids with Wild Abandon

A Have you ever noticed that children are fearless in their curiosity? Their wonder of the world inspires their daily pursuits. Many times as adults, the fearless turns to fear of failure, not measuring up and falling behind. Our wonder turns to insecurity because we believe we are not pin-worthy or social enough in this trendy world. Holly shares inspiring stories of her pursuit to break free, keep her family close, follow God's design for education with wild abandon.

Suzanne Nunn,Chairman, Florida Parent-educators Association. FPEA

“If you are looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for your next event, look no further! Holly Giles is a real, down-to-earth example to her audience of what it means to walk through challenges and then use her experiences to help others on their journey. Holly has certainly blazed new trails and will inspire others to do the same."

" I was drawn in by the peaceful nature of this booth. I want to just stand here and soak it in"

The Giles Frontier's representation in exhibit halls:

Other topics include:

  • Discover Your Potential as a Special Needs Parent
  • The Instinct of Play
  • Nature Study Made Easy
  • Bootstrap Homeschooling

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