Backyard Naturalist

By Holly Giles

Backyard Naturalist



A naturalist is someone who studies living things in their habitat. A naturalist observes the same thing over time to see how it changes. A naturalist appreciates nature, the life, and behavior of plants, animals and other living things.

Mini-Unit includes:

  • 3 lessons that will take 1-4 weeks to complete
  • ready-to-go instructions to carry out the lessons and printables for children to complete.
  • 1 hands-on craft
  • 1 recipe for children to prepare
  • Link to our Backyard Naturalist video explaining the 3 essentials for bringing wildlife to your backyard.

You and your children can become naturalists by observing the changes in nature in your own backyard.

We want to inspire a lifelong appreciation for the natural world and what better way than to start right where you are!

This lesson will get your feet wet with the great outdoors by starting right outside your back door.

  • Your family will create a backyard/front yard habit for wildlife.
  • You will also have the option of getting your own backyard certified through the National Wildlife Federation.

We won’t be turning your landscaping into a jungle for monkeys, we will observe what you already have and add a few touches to bring nature to you.

If you have a bit of apprehension about nature study or venturing out into the wilderness, this will calm your fears and show you nature is all around, you just have to provide a few items and it will come to you.

This mini unit is taken from our Learning Lifestyle Revival membership.

Not-So-Outdoorsy Mom approved.