Family Field Guide Print

By Holly Giles

Family Field Guide Print


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The Family Field Guide is a resource to compliment Blaze New Trails. Since Blaze New Trails was written in 2015 we have created more information, ideas, and resources that fit with all the chapters of the book. Blaze works well just by itself, however, if you like planning, calendars, spreadsheets, and extra resources, this is the supplement for you.

We have created more content, suggestions, and specific videos on using Blaze New Trails to its full potential. The Family Field Guide includes:

  • Chapter by chapter guide to get more out of Blaze New Trails.
  • Printable guides, spreadsheets, and checklists to find all resources in your community.
  • 9 video links to show you exactly how to use Blaze New Trails chapter by chapter in more ways than one.
  • Extra resource lists added since the printing of Blaze New Trails.
  • Planning techniques to incorporate your whole homeschool curriculum in one area.
  • Activity sheets for your children to record their experiences with each chapter.
  • Additional units on first aid and planning your outdoor activities.

This product includes the digital version and the print book. The digital version links you to the video resources and the print book gives you the visual of holding the book and writing in it too!

Product arrives 3 hole punched and ready to put in a 3 ring binder. (not provided)