Gather Around Andrew Henry’s Meadow

By Holly Giles

Gather Around Andrew Henry’s Meadow



Our Gathering Tables series takes classic literature pieces and provides ways to enjoy the process of reading together in many ways.

  • 3-4 hands-on crafts and activities
  • recipes children can help with
  • art cards
  • geography
  • sensory play section
  • printable sheets to record the activities
  • field trip suggestions and activities
  • video links
  • poetry
  • moms quiet time

Andrew Henry’s Meadow was written in the 1960’s but it applies to today and our world of technological distractions. Your backyard is the perfect backdrop for imaginations to flourish with your children’s own ideas of creating Andrew’s town.

This unit is a segment of our Summer with the Giles Frontier product. See that product for more interior photos. This is a digital product.