Handmade Sifter

By Holly Giles

Handmade Sifter


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Our handmade sifter is made by Grant, our eleven year old son. Under the direction of his dad, Grant helps saw the wood pieces, drills the screws in place and staples the hardware cloth in place. These sifters are terrific for sensory bins indoors, digging in the dirt or sand. Sifting mud in a creek or lake and finding shells at the beach. The sifter makes great texture in playdough, painting grids, and you may think up a few of your own!

The sifter is shown with the rock book that is not included.

The sifter can be painted or decorated if desired. A protective coating can be applied for longevity. We strive to hammer in the hardware cloth on the underside but there may be spots that are rough. If this is a concern you can apply masking tape along the back or apply hot glue to seal the hardware cloth. We do not do this in advance because our customers use the sifter in various ways. Thank you.