How to Make Strawberry Jam with Kids

By Holly Giles

How to Make Strawberry Jam with Kids




How to make strawberry jam with kids

This is a downloadable digital product.

This course on how to make strawberry jam with kids is a simple and effective way to teach.  Simple and easy-to-follow written and video-based instruction. Over 45 minutes of total video instruction.

The contents of this course are a compilation of our live community classes here at The Giles Frontier. Join in the fun as parents and their children work together to make strawberry jam. From picking in the field to mixing in the pectin you will feel a part of the fun.

Course includes

Each video section gives you tips, tricks, and visual cues on how to make strawberry jam alone in your kitchen or invite friends to join you. Holly takes the stigma away from the idea that canning is hard and requires lots of expensive equipment. She shows you how to use what is already in your kitchen plus a few inexpensive tools to make the job more convenient.

This course includes 45 minutes of total video instruction that is linked to protected content on Youtube.

  • our favorite strawberry jam recipe
  • step by step instructions
  • strawberry cream cake recipe
  • strawberry honey butter recipe
  • whole wheat strawberry muffin recipe
  • lemon strawberry loaf recipe
  • 4 pages of activities and worksheets
  • printable mason jar conversion chart
  • printable jam jar tags
  • pints of fun for the whole family
  • lifetime access to videos through the downloaded course

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