Visit State Parks with Kids

By Holly Giles

Visit State Parks with Kids




 Visit State Parks with Kids

Have you visited a park lately? They are living classrooms with a twist. Being out in nature can bring joy to the whole family and why not explore learning at the same time. Visit state parks with kids is ready to go. You will learn how to find the best state parks to visit.

Holly shares personal stories and takes you on a journey through state and National Parks. She shares details you might not think of and how you can use them to create meaningful moments with your family. Hands-on activities, book lists, and learning opportunities are included in each of the three units.

This resource is the best tool to embrace the outdoors and share it with your children.

Content included

  • 10 videos about how to visit state parks with kids with three categories, tutorials, and historical information.
  • Over 100 activity starters to get you motivated to visit your local park and natural resources.
  • 20 activity sheets to print over and again. Use them in different locations and alter them to each visit.
  • Links to learning for parks, historical locations, and information.
  • Build a family nature kit.
  • Create a family first aid kit.
  • Map a year of adventures in your hometown with Holly’s system.
  • Beautiful photographs from across the country and multiple families.
  • 65 pages of ready-to-go resources.
  • How to find the best state parks to visit.

This course will explore science, history, and service through parks. Topics in this unit include the Great Depression, Civilian Conservation Corp, rocks and minerals, a study of trees, literature, and much more.

Visit state parks with kids is the perfect go-to resource for getting outside as a family. Geared toward ages 6 to 13.

Use this as a stepping stone to get out and find local areas to explore and complete a unit on science and history. Discover volunteer opportunities across the country.

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