Math Adventures- At the Beach

By Holly Giles

Math Adventures- At the Beach


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Children love being outdoors, discovering, observing, learning. The Math Adventures series–designed with these innate qualities in mind–gently guides parents and children through multi-sensory math lessons incorporating narration, hands-on experiences, oral drill and life application. This is a consumable book.

Math Adventures: Experiencing Math at the Beach. This book in the Math Adventures series is the catalyst for learning.

Sets, Addition, and Multiplication



Extensive read-aloud book list.

An exciting NEW addition to our products, Math Adventures: Experiencing Math in Parks is ideal for learners K – 5..

26 pages.

Note: Beaches is part of the larger Math Adventures book that follows the chapters of Blaze New Trails. In that book chapter two, Beaches covers shapes and lines, Comparison and Classification, Ordinal numbers, sets and ten sums and addition with three addends.

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