Pioneer Curriculum Prairie Life

By Holly Giles

Pioneer Curriculum Prairie Life


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Pioneer Curriculum

Our pioneer curriculum takes you back in time with Laura Ingalls Wilder as we take a 12-week tour reading aloud “Little House in the Big Woods” or ANY book from those days.

18 crafts, hands-on activities, and lessons are included as you prepare for a Gold Miner’s Camp Party and gathering up all your handicrafts for the local or state fair.

Holly takes you step-by-step in this easy to follow pioneer curriculum unit study that will thrill the whole family and create a special memory of this learning experience.

Subjects Covered

History, science, geography, poetry, handicrafts, cooking, and a whole lot of fun are included in this unit that will make family memories to look back on.

Handicrafts Included

Make a rag doll, a chromatrope, a ribbon book, a weaving activity, cook, sew, manners, and a host of prairie fun.

This pioneer curriculum using Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books is perfect at any time of the year. Organized to use as a family or a co-op.