What is the Learning Lifestyle Revival?

By Holly Giles | Podcasts

The Learning Lifestyle Revival

Welcome to LLR membership. I am Holly, the creator of the book Blaze New trails and the website, the Giles Frontier. My family began our journey into forming a learning lifestyle about seven years ago. Changing the way we looked at home education and shedding what normal education looked like, we have found a rhythm to our days that has transformed our family.

In our journey we have been inspired by many families before us and those walking this path right now that have found an incredible way to build their relationships with their children. Living simply in their days and focusing on what matters most. We want to share these ideas with you through our community membership. Use what works for you, add to it, use bits and pieces. Make it your own. The beauty of a learning lifestyle revival is what works for your family.

So, what is the learning lifestyle revival?

When I began homeschooling my oldest son, ten years ago, I was unfamiliar with the different ways home education can be successful. I grew up in the public school system. It was a hard habit to break out of school desks and hourly subjects.

My oldest son, Grayson is a born outdoorsman, he flourished in wonder and curiosity by being outside. We spent most of his little years before school, reading out loud on our bench swing out back and discovering all the wonderfulness of the outdoors. When he was almost 4, after years of wondering, he was diagnosed as having a stroke at birth. Grayson will tell you that his stroke is what made him curious, just like Thomas Edison.

After a failed attempt at a strict and structured kindergarten, our evaluator opened my eyes to a new way to learn. It wasn’t really new at all. It is what you would call pioneer homeschooling. Families who embarked on a journey to break away from traditional schooling, without the help of textbooks and overwhelming curriculum choices. These families who brought home education to the forefront in the 70’s and 80’s were blazing a trail of uncharted waters and legal action from local government.

The fruit of their labor produced the home education freedom we now enjoy today. So, what is it that made their way of learning work? The idea that living life together, experiencing daily activities and skills actually provides an excellent environment for learning. Learning by living. Many of us who have looked for alternative education to help our children with different needs, have found this style to work well.

If we can allow ourselves to experience it, home education can teach our children how to live and the learning comes along naturally because of it no matter if they have different needs or not.

A Learning Lifestyle does not mean we don’t have math lessons, reading and writing, it means we weave all of these things together as we go about our day. Compartmentalizing education does not prepare our children for life out in the world. Teaching them from a young age through life skills that envelope all the components of education gives them a broader scope to build their own natural desire to learn. Giving children the time to discover their own interests is what fuels their desire to want to learn.

I have chosen to base the Learning Lifestyle revival around nature. Nature can be the the springboard for most learning in childhood. Add in reading aloud, life skills and family responsibility and you have a recipe to instill a desire for lifelong learning.

Our Learning Lifestyle Revival Categories

There are 6 areas of interest that we use in our home to build our lesson structure for each year. We add in academics around our family’s natural rhythm or structure.

  • natural resources
  • community
  • seasons
  • family
  • life skills
  • building talent and passion in our children

Each of these areas is the basis for our membership. We will show you throughout the years how each is actually connected to the other in our lives. The learning that takes place through simple tasks and joy of living life together will astound you.

Our goal in sharing the learning lifestyle revival with you, is to bring simplicity to your days at home. When you can shed the unnecessary and truly live simply, the beauty and abundance of life will unfold.

I am a mom on a mission to help families preserve childhood. A childhood full of wonder and curiosity about the natural world around them. Years that are filled with time to enjoy simple pleasures with family. Space in our days to connect with what is truly important, each other.

Our community of lessons, activities and simple ideas is designed to inspire a learning lifestyle revival right in your home.

Throughout the months here at LLR membership, we will host podcasts and workshops to delve deeper into the idea of a learning lifestyle and bring a simpler way of life to the forefront of your days.









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