Podcast: Cheryl Bastian, Thoughts on a Learning Lifestyle

By Holly Giles | Podcasts

“We are not a school, we are a home that we learn together in.”


Cheryl Bastian is married to Mike, and together they have eight children. They have twenty three years of home education experience that they share with families around the country through speaking engagements and consultations. Mike brings his experience as an educator in the public school system of Florida and Cheryl as a former educator turned homeschool mentor and evaluator.

Cheryl has written many books that serve the early years through high school. I met Cheryl eight years ago at Near Him Home Educators, a support group for home educating families. Cheryl has been our evaluator for seven years. The knowledge, experience and guidance she and Mike have shared with our family has been invaluable.

Show Notes:

1:36       Cheryl’s introduction

2:28     What does a learning lifestyle look like in your home?

  • Changes in different seasons.
  • Some children need structured curriculum, some do not.
  • We intentionally built a life for learning mentality.
  • Everything we do teaches you something, cognitively, spiritually and emotionally.

3:45    Soft skills employers are looking for.

5:04    How do you incorporate little children in a learning lifestyle?

  • It is about relationships, learning happens because of it.

7:50     How does nature fit into your home?

  • Intrinsic motivation increases attention in any subject.

9:44     Animals are a good place to start.

11:05    Break

11:19   Thoughts on reading aloud.

  • Childhood of Famous Americans series
  • Step Up books
  • Discover Biography series by Gerrard publishing

17:53  Including math concepts in nature.

  • Get learning off the page.

22:16  What are you looking forward to learning with your children this year?

  • Learning with my kids, whatever that is. Foster their skills in their own interests.

“I used to see specifics, but now I see whole people.”


Cheryl will be contributing her vast knowledge throughout our membership. Her experience with different learning styles, years of consulting with families and at home with her own children, will become a treasured resource for the Learning Lifestyle Revival.

Visit Cheryl at her website, Celebrate Simple.


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