Podcast: Delia Poythress

By Holly Giles | Podcasts


Delia is a pediatric Occupational Therapist. I met her several years ago at a homeschool event. She is a popular workshop speaker in our area for the wonderful insight on helping children get the most out of body movements and learning. Delia is a homeschool mother herself of four children and provides a unique perspective from her experiences.

Show Notes:

1:12      Delia’s introduction

1:52      The quiet alert state.

2:45      Why is this important in learning?

5:27      How do you believe children can achieve the quiet alert state in nature?

  • Nature allows us to disconnect from technology to dirty laundry.
  • Connection is key.

8:21      Technology usage and its affect on children.

  • Effects of blue light.
  • Disconnection with sensory and motor systems.

11:55     Break

11:56     Simple activities in nature.

14:33    Benefits of outdoor activities

  • Sensory nourishment.

17:20    Are we too protective in an outdoor environment?

18:52    How to use local parks for muscle building.

22:00    Closing.


You can connect with Deila directly at her website The Homeschool OT.


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