Spring Fever and Homeschooling

By Holly Giles | Podcasts

On Tuesdays, I have a small sewing class on the back porch in the springtime. I sat down with the mothers of the girls learning to sew and asked them some questions about homeschooling and springtime.

Holly Winhoven is a wife and mother of two children, 10 and 13.

Sheree Whited is a wife and mother of four. Her children range in age from eight to 6 months.

Delia Poythress is a wife and mother of four also. Her children range in age from fourteen to seven.

Each of them started homeschooling at different points and for different reasons. Listen in as they answer my questions on challenges of homeschooling in the spring.


Our last question was what would you tell your younger homeschooling mom self. These were part of their answers.

Remember to use your curriculum as a tool not a master.  Delia

Don’t compare yourself to others.  Sheree

Do less nagging and don’t be a task master.  Holly


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