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baker creek

Baker Creek Seed Company is nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. My fellow Roadschool Mom, Mary Beth and I along with three of our children visited here on a road trip.

Baker Creek is an heirloom company preserving and selling heritage seeds from generations ago. This family-owned farm is taking big steps in helping families come back to the table with their agritourism farm.

With over 1200 seeds to choose from, there is something you will surely love to grow in your own home garden. Like we learned from Christine, it is good to support those who are preserving quality in our food system.

Baker Creek employees are also perfecting scrumptious bread recipes in their village that is open to the public. We had to take home some of these cinnamon buns that were delicious.

The onsite restaurant serves employees for free daily and visitors by donation. The day of our visit barley burgers were what was being served on the most mouthwatering bread ever! The kids were not impressed with the burger but I enjoyed every bite. My grandmother used to make them many years ago and I acquired a taste for them then. Mary Beth ate hers but I am not sure she would order it again.

Visiting a working farm is a great experience for kids of all ages. There is something new to learn for everyone. Whether in your hometown or on vacation look for an agritourism adventure.


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Holly is an author, storyteller, and Florida Master Naturalist who loves to share heritage skills taught to her by her grandmothers. Florida has been her family home for generations and preserving that lifestyle for the future is her goal. Holly enjoys coming alongside women to share skills and help them discover their own natural gifts and talents.

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