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Where are the classes located?

Our classes are split between Central Florida locations like a state park or outdoor venue and our home located in Debary, FL.

The classes sound great but seem a bit expensive especially for multiple children.

We understand families have a budget for classes and experiences. We too have multiple children. The Giles Frontier is a family business and we plan, prepare and deliver a unique experience for each family. We are not a co-op or facility with lots of options. We plan individualized experiences for families to learn and have an amazing time together through nature, community and life skills opportunities.

We scout locations and information in advance. We research and purchase materials to create an experience that will have more opportunities to discover after the class is over. Our time and experience is valuable and so is yours.

When possible we offer a sibling discount. Families also choose to let their children pick different classes from each other that piques their interest.

Why do you ask the children’s names and ages when we purchase tickets?

Our classes are personalized and prepared with their age in mind. We group children in advance and prepare their materials before class. We also like to be able to speak to everyone by name when they arrive.

How do you communicate with class participants?

We email all families several times in advance of each class. We let you know items to bring, details on the location and more of what to expect. It is important to PLEASE at holly@thegilesfrontier to your address book or check your spam regularly especially if you have gmail or yahoo.

Can I bring younger non-participating children will me?

Sometimes. We try to indicate that in the class description however if in doubt, email us.  If we are at a location with facilities that accommodate and will not distract from our class we welcome it. However, some of our classes use tools, equipment and have activities that may pose a danger to younger children. We want the experience to be positive for parent and child and not frustrating when you are pulled in different directions.

Babies in strollers or carriers are always welcome when the environment is appropriate. Email us if you are unsure.

Can I bring older siblings who need to work on their lessons?

Most of the time. Unless the location doesn’t have facilities or the sibling will be left at the car in a deserted parking lot. If in doubt, email us.

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Revae Lawrence March 13, 2020

I just found you through an old podcast interview with Durenda Wilson. I’m thrilled to hear both of you speaking my language ! I’d love to find out more info about your Florida classes.
I see that your site says no current classes.
Will you have live classes this year ? Thank you so much ! Blessings
Revae Lawrence

    Holly Giles March 21, 2020

    Hi Revae, I’m glad you found us! You will find most of our info on our main site, We had a busy time here the last few months and I was unable to schedule classes. Now we are all on lock down! I will hopefully plan a few for late spring and then see how our weather goes. Right now we are trying to convert our videos into online lessons. We video our classes as we go! Sign up for the emails if you didn’t already. That is how I get in touch with everyone. Holly

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