A virtual community sharing the power of nature and community.


your children's learning by starting with nature's classroom.


Talents, gifts and life skills by strengthening family relationships.


Your children's natural instinct of play, exploration and curiosity.

Get a free, 3-day trial of this one-of-a-kind membership program! The Learning Lifestyle Revival is a fun, hands-on virtual community sharing the power of nature and simple learning. With fully prepared, easily customizable lessons on more topics than your children could cover in a whole year, prepare to be amazed at everything you will learn:

  • Explore the parks and wildflowers in your community.
  • Become a backyard naturalist.
  • Take the Farmer's Market Challenge.
  • 75 + classes on nature and community even the most reluctant learner will love.
  • Free digital copies of many of Holly's unit studies.
  • Learn life skills like canning, bread baking and sewing.
  • Free downloads of activities, worksheets, projects and planning pages.
  • Free access to Holly's Prairie Life book components and self-paced video book club.
  • Holly's Learning Lifestyle-only coaching access to videos, audio and live meetings.
  • Plus guest contributions from experts in their field.

With over 20 video-based course modules with 75+ classes on nature and commuity, along with downloadable activities, worksheets, and planning pages for teaching every school subject along the way, it's the perfect opportunity for homeschooling families of all ages!

Do you long to simplify homeschool learning? Build your children'ts talents and life skills? Preserve their natural instincts for exploration? If so, this is for you.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Here is a taste of what is happening inside:

Wildflower Unit Study

Explore books with us.

Butterfly Module video excerpt

Podcasts for Encouragement

Sharing Homeschool Family Adventures with you in more ways!


This is AMAZING!       J. Odom
Thank you for this. You are bringing "home" back into education.   C. Dale
Easy to use and packed full of great information.     H. Winhoven

Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! I am soooo (there are not enough o's) excited to connect with my kids in a deeper way. 

S. Sepulveda

Mom of 4

The Learning Lifestyle Revival is what my heart has been searching for, but had not found until now. We are treasuring our days and learning together. I was placing so much pressure on myself to do ALL the "stuff" I thought my children needed, when it really can be so simple, yet profound. Looking at our days together in this way is changing the rhythm of our home for the better.

T. Barrett

Mother of 3

Holly Giles, motivational speaker, author of Blaze New Trails and creator of The Learning Lifestyle Membership.

Are you looking for intentional time to treasure with your kids?    

Me too.

I was caught up in the busyness of what I was supposed to do. But I was missing what was most important.

Time with my children,

free of clutter and excess to enjoy our days. Preserving their childhood, and building strong family relationships.

Join us here, as we explore right outside our back door. No fluff, no busywork, just the good stuff.  My back porch awaits.

There is a seat  just for you.

Inside Homeschool Family Adventures:

  • lesson modules include science, nature study and literature
  • handicrafts, outdoor activities, life skills from kitchen to campfire 
  • backporch podcasts and workshops for mamas

 Homeschool Family Adventures serves:

  • Moms eager to access prepared activities and inspiration.
  • Families seeking to connect together in simple ways.
  • Children ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade.