Are you looking to revive the spark of curiosity for you and your children?

The Learning Lifestyle Revival is based on weaving learning into everyday living. Through our daily routine, errands we run, the people we meet and the opportunity to get out and experience life as it happens we are connecting life and learning.

These days, our busy lives leave little room to treasure the simple things, the natural world that sustains us and connecting with our children in ways that form deep, lasting relationships. I created this website as a story of my family's life. A love letter to my children. They have taught me more about life than anyone and we have had the privilege to share a sweet life together. 

I have taken our life story and formed it into lessons of curiosity about the world around us. Giving your children strings of knowledge to build on.

Our main goal here is to help you bring learning home. Craft homeschool family adventures from everyday places. Give your children time to discover their natural gifts and nurture family relationships. We provide the tools to fully engage your children and create lasting memories.

How does membership work?

Inside membership we have created learning modules based on our book, Blaze New Trails. Each chapter has been expanded into lessons for every learner. The lessons can be done as a complete group or individually.

Each learning module contains three or more lessons. Do as much or as little as you choose. There are no deadlines and you can re-visit them as often as you wish. The modules can be done in any order. As the library of modules grows, choose what works for the season your in or topics being covered in your home learning. Seventy five percent of our lessons are video-based and audio as well.

The modules are simple in design. There is no fluff, just the good stuff to do with your children. The lessons are formatted to be woven into everyday living at home and out in your community. We include videos produced here at The Giles Frontier, contributions from other families and links to outside sources we researched and feel adds value. 

The lesson modules use the books, Blaze New Trails and the Student Companion as a springboard to the lessons. It is not necessary to have the books to enjoy the full benefit of membership. Activity sheets, printable lessons and book suggestions modeled from these books are included in each module for your family's use and to provide physical paperwork for your children's portfolio. If you have the physical books and are already  with your children, membership will enhance your experience and bring the books to life for the whole family. 

A few of our current lesson module topics:

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Backporch Podcasts and Workshops

Backporch podcasts and workshops is where moms can find inspiration and encouragement. We will be interviewing moms just like you, experts in certain fields and families who have wisdom to share. Our guest list will uplift you with their words. This is free to everyone.

Workshops will be audio or video based on a variety of topics. Topics will include creating a learning lifestyle, nature study, parenting, motherhood, high school, middle school, elementary grades, special needs, adoption and more.​

Treasure the Experience

We are building a place to connect like-minded families to encourage, equip, and instill a peaceful heart in the days at home with our children. Won't you join us?