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Use Holly's real-life tips to keep your life moving down the line.
  • Learn to feed your soul and still feed the kids.
  • Discover your personal gifts and talents God gave you specifically.
  • Find freedom in the truth of hard seasons as a wife and friend.

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I have absolutely loved reading this book. Holly’s honesty is refreshing in a world that promotes unrealistic perfection. I have laughed at her stories of their adventures which were very close to home for me, I mourn my missing spoons too! I have been challenged to re evaluate my misconception of motherhood and get out of the craziness.

Lesley Rester 

Mom of 3


Holly Giles has managed to take what's in a lot of books out there on motherhood and homeschooling and condensed it into exactly what you need to ask yourself, what you really need to hear and glean from. It's simple, straight forward, and no fluff. Holly is real, open, raw, and humble. We all have struggles as moms, this is a wonderful easy to read in 1-3 days book, but you'll want to go back and absorb all the wisdom.

Janet Cruz
Mom of 4


This book is for every mother, young, old, new and seasoned. Holly touches on four areas that span our lives as mothers with hard truths. She lays out practical tips to grow real joy and contentment from the mundane, ordinary days. I personally enjoyed her storytelling with a bit of her southern sass response to raising boys (it gives Jen Hatmaker a run for her money!) 

Mary Beth Goff
Mom of 4

About the Author: Holly M. Giles

Holly is a wife, mother and storyteller. She has a passion for sharing her Christian perspective on the importance of strong family relationships. Holly gleans from her own life with boys, embracing the outdoors and navigating special needs. Her story is woven with humor that is sure to encourage the weariest of souls.

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She doesn’t just give comfort with her words, she asks you to question yourself. The answers to these questions will help you find your way. She also has some great suggestions that I never would have thought of. I read the Kindle version, but I know I need the paperback. This will be a book I re-read through the many seasons of motherhood! Thank you, Holly, for sharing your heart!

Kendra Holubek 

Mom of 4


I enjoyed this quick motivational book on motherhood. It was full of parenting humor with a Christian perspective. The author genuinely wants mothers to know they are not alone in their experience. Her relatable stories will motivate you in tough days with the kids. The print is easy to read and flows nicely. I was able to read this book in a few days. Each chapter made me want to go on to the next! I recommend this to any mother whether you are brand new or have an empty nest.

Amanda Lane
Mother of 2


This book was such an encouragement to me as a wife and homeschool mom...I had such a hard time putting it down! I found myself nodding all the way through because I could relate to so many of the feelings Holly has experienced as a mother and a wife. I love how she keeps it real and says what many of us feel but don’t ever express. This is a great, quick read and I highly recommend it to any moms looking for a little encouragement!

Sheila Sepulveda
Mom of 4

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