Wagons Ho!

Prairie Life Book Club

begins September 18th

 Reading Little House in the Big Woods

A twelve week, online, interactive adventure for the whole family.
  • Weekly live interactive group discussions. Weekly email instructions.
  • Video posts of handicrafts, life skills, cooking and field trips. 
  • Science, history, poetry and copywork with an interactive notebook.
  • A copy of Prairie Life is not necessary to enjoy book club. 

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The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.

Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Each week we will discover:


 We will make handicrafts from prairie days for an unforgettable experience for boys and girls.

Hands On Life Skills

Field trips and life skills opportunities through videos and links give this club a unique blend for family activity or co-op fun.

Multiple Subjects for all ages

Science, nature, poetry and copywork activities put into an interactive keepsake notebook.

Gold Rush Party

Join us for a Gold Rush party at the conclusion of our book club. In person or through video. We will bring to life our activities.

View a Taste of what we will do in book club:

Join us as we go back to a simpler time of living, together.

The wagons hit the trail September 18th. Grab your bonnet and coonskin cap!

Jen ReynariWord Traveling

 “This encompasses so much more than literature. I highly recommend this adventure through an American classic- fun for the whole family! ”

Get your copy of Prairie Life to enhance your experience!

Book Club details:

  • Here is a preliminary supply list for all crafts/activities. You can pick and choose or do them all. LIST​
  • We will alternate meeting live each week on Thursdays at 11am and Fridays at 4pm. The replays will be available the following day.
  • Virtual field trips are videos of our family or other families showing you historical places. We also give recommendations for field trips for your family to do that coincide with our topics.
  • The price of membership includes all the worksheets, activity sheets and instructions for the entire book club. The only extra cost is the supplies for activities you choose to create.
  • Optional: We will offer a Prairie Kit to members that includes most everything you need for all the crafts and activities ready-to-go.
  • This unique experience will include several weekly emails, live meetings and correspondence by US Mail.

About the author and host: Holly M. Giles

I grew up reading the Little House series. I wanted to share it with my boys in a fun and engaging way. Using my experience as a home educating parent, I gathered science, history, life skills and handicrafts to develop a unit study that your family will cherish for years to come. 

​I invite you to join us for this unique and unforgettable experience of Prairie Life Book Club. We will connect our children across the country with a personal, interactive experience that will be remembered throughout childhood.