Recycled Tote Sewing Class

By Holly Giles

Recycled Tote Sewing Class


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Fridays April  26, May 3

2 pm to 4pm each day.

Join us for this simple sewing project. The student will choose a recycled feed sack from livestock animals, wash, cut and sew it into a tote bag perfect for the farmer’s market, beach or anything in-between.  Minimal to no sewing experience is needed.

This project is unique to each child. No two will look alike. I chose this as a wonderful sewing experience because each will have its own character and there will not be any comparison to ability.

We will have a wonderful time on the back porch, weather permitting and experiencing a fun handicraft with a purpose.

Parent will learn alongside their child with this fun project for BOYS AND GIRLS. Sewing is a life skill that has many applications. We encourage all children to learn basic sewing skills.

All materials will be supplied EXCEPT for pins. Please purchase LARGE straight pins. Choose ones with a round head which makes it easier for children to push into the tough fabric. About 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inch long.

Purchase one ticket for each participating child. Age requirement of 8 years old and up.

If you have a sewing machine that you know how to work and can bring please indicate. We will have several available for everyone to use.

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