Want to Connect with Your Family?

This simple Family Planner will guide you with ease 

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Special Bundle Offer

The Family Guide to Getting Outside Bundle is the 5-step planner system

that puts unlimited ideas at your fingertips.

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Less Stress. No Cranky Kids. Just Successful Family Fun.

Simple steps to make beautiful, positive changes in your family dynamic.

This is for you if ...

  • Everyone in your house seems to be staring at screens instead of connecting with each other.
  • You want to explore your hometown more but don't know where to start.
  • You can't seem to find that ONE THING that makes you feel connected as a family.
  • You LONG to build family routine and ritual before the years pass you by.
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It is possible to have endless ideas right at your fingertips all year long!

Screens down. Wide open spaces. Shared experiences.

After you successfully complete the EASY 5-Step Plan

No More "I'm Bored"

You will have a year of activities at your fingertips to do around your hometown and beyond. Connect to your community like never before.

Happy and Peaceful Kids

Regular family outings that promote less stress and anxiety for all family members. Discover nature, historic places and local venues you didn't know before.

Experiences that Last

Connecting through shared activities creates lifelong bonds that strengthen over time. Regular outdoor activities promote healthy choices and positive emotional wellbeing.

"This system is so simple to start and I can't believe how rewarding it is. We have discovered so many places right where we live that I never noticed before. My son actually asks me where we might visit this weekend! Win for mom! This planner is for every family looking to make positive changes and lasting connections with nature and each other"


The answers to these questions will be at the tip of your fingers anytime! Let's get started.

Where do you want to go?

Once you have completed the system you will have a year of activities and outings to choose from.

What do you want to do?

Your Hometown Calendar will have at least 10 different types of outings to choose for a destination near or far.

How much time do you have?

Just a glance at your completed Hometown Calendar will let you know which outing takes 20 minutes or 2 hours.

As a mom, connecting with my boys from an early age was important. Boys can be hard! I used my skills as a Florida Master Naturalist and love of my hometown, to create a Master Hometown Calendar. This planner has been working in our home for over 12 years.

I want to help you develop simple and beautiful outings that over time, turn into treasured traditions year after year.

I am excited to share my 5-step system with you that works!

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No Wasted Hours Wondering What to Do

What you will love. Choose family outings for your mood, season or if you have guests in town. Everyone will love that you are "IN THE KNOW" for all the best spots and hidden gems in town. Video links that share how to explore.

What you will learn. Learning as a family about historical locations, your town's famous landmark and get educated about the wildlife in your area together. Printable activities to use over and over at different locations.

What you will wonder. Why you haven't don this before! That is why I am here. To be your guide to planning your year with family outings that ROCK, literally.

"I felt stressed just keeping up with our normal busy schedule. Actually thinking about finding ways to connect at the end of the week was exhausting. But this system has actually brought peace to our family time. We all get excited to look at our Hometown Calendar and plan what is next. Something I wasn't sure existed  with multiple ages and interests."


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Discover Places in your Own Hometown

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