Laura Ingalls Wilder's  Prairie:

 Reading Little House in the Big Woods

 or any frontier era book.

A twelve week unit study on your schedule:
  • Read Aloud. Read the chapters to your children each week.
  • Handicrafts. Crafts, cooking, life skills and hands on fun.
  • Multiple Subjects. Science, history, and copywork woven throughout the unit.
Jenni OdomMom of two

“My girls are loving learning about Laura and her life. They are having so much fun with all the activities in Prairie Life. Thank you for creating this unit for families to enjoy!”

In the Book, You Will Discover:


Each chapter is filled with ideas, patterns and instructions for handicrafts from prairie days for boys and girls.

Hands On Life Skills

Field trips and life skills opportunities give this unit a unique blend for family activity or co-op fun.

Multiple Subjects for all ages

Copywork, poetry, science experiments, cooking and sewing combine to make an unforgettable family unit or fun with friends.

Create a co-op or enter your county fair

Prairie Life is designed for a family, a co-op and instructions on how to enter handicrafts in your own county fair.

About the Author: Holly M. Giles

I grew up reading the Little House series. I wanted to share it with my boys in a fun and engaging way. We had such a wonderful experience together that created a product other families could enjoy too! Using my experience as a home educating parent, I gathered science, history, life skills and handicrafts to develop a unit study that your family will cherish for years to come. 

What People Are Saying

Sheree WhitedMom of three

We’ve been using the Prairie Life along with reading Little House in the Big Woods for 5 weeks and it’s been such a breath of fresh air to our school day. My daughters look forward to reading the next chapter in the book as we relax on the couch together. The activities in the Prairie Life curriculum are a fantastic balance between traditional education and creative, hands-on experiences. My girls have thoroughly enjoyed activities like making butter, baking together, sewing and more! Prairie LIfe is the best part of our day.”

Jen ReynariWord Traveling

 “This encompasses so much more than literature. I highly recommend this adventure through an American classic- fun for the whole family! ”

Engage your children with this incredible book.

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Prairie Life will be the best time you have with your kids this year. Reading together, working together and making memories.

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