Prairie Life Planner Bundle

By Holly Giles

Prairie Life Planner Bundle


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Discover America’s most favorite era, the pioneer days. Live like it’s 1890 in this fully prepared family adventure.

Using Laura Ingalls Wilder’s  “Little House in the Big Woods,” you will become part of her childhood full of home cooking, handicrafts, and life stories on the prairie. Build strong family connections through reading or listening to this classic literature piece. Then, our fully prepared planner gives you the tools to learn and enjoy all the pioneer crafting throughout the book.

Eighteen crafts, hands-on activities, and lessons are included as you prepare for a Gold Miner’s Camp Party and gather up all your handicrafts for the local or state fair (optional). This planner is designed for a 12-week adventure. However, you can speed up or slow down.

After checkout, you have access to 3 downloads. Prairie Life Planner and three bonus content products that can be used anytime. Also, you will receive instructions on how to access the Prairie Life book club. Once you bookmark the main page, you can visit and explore whenever you want. You will have access forever.

This purchase also includes our online Prairie Life Book Club. It is self-paced and full of video tutorials, in-depth information about our history with music, animals, life skills, and much more. Each week moves you through the book, bringing it alive with links to more fun and creating a memorable experience.

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