Pond Netting Activity Sample

By Holly Giles

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This is s sample of one of our “outdoor activities” to help you discover hands-on learning where you live. This section of membership has ready-to-go ideas for an afternoon or day of fun. These are stand-alone activities to add to what you are already doing in your work or for an outdoor activity to add to your week.

The video is footage from a class we did at a local river and teaching kids how to discover pond life. This can be done with just your family or add some friends for more fun.

Pond Netting

Pond netting can be a fun and educational activity that can be done on the spur of the moment after a rainstorm or a planned activity with friends. This type of outdoor activity will introduce children to a world of water animals and organisms.

How to Plan

Gathering a few things ahead of time will make this an enjoyable experience. Mud and mess are sure to be a result, so planning for that will reduce any fear of the cleanup.

  • change of clothes
  • water and snacks
  • towels
  • lawn chair
  • net
  • jars or cups to view water
  • sunscreen and hats


  • microscope
  • library books

Where to go

  • mud puddle
  • community park with lake access
  • county park with a boat ramp
  • state park with swimming area

What to look for

  • trees that grow in swampy areas
  • water birds
  • fish
  • turtles, otter, alligators
  • geocaches
  • wildflowers

The video gives you an idea of how to get started and how to incorporate this into your week. Remember that learning happens most when we get out of the way. Our children’s curiosity will explode when we give them the opportunity and the time to learn on their own.

Pond netting is a way to explore new findings. If children have not experienced wading in lakes or ponds before, just give them a little time to warm up to the idea. After that, you will be looking for new places to explore.