How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine wreaths are simple for children to work with at any age. Look around in your own backyard, neighborhood park, or patch of woods for the pesky vines. You will be cleaning up and making a beautiful wreath simultaneously.

Small wreaths are easier to manage with small children. It is just continuous circles and weaving in and out a few times. When you have the thickness you want, cut it and tie it with twine or wire if necessary.


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Grayson made his first wreath around age eight. My grandmother taught him with vines growing near her barn. He has been making them ever since. Everyone in our family has received a wreath for one occasion or another.

Watch our vintage version of making a grapevine wreath with Grayson.

Grapevine Wreath

Begin with several strands of grapevine that are 4-6 feet long. Shorter for small children. Leave the squiggles and leaves on until you finish. Then decide how much to cut off. When it has dried, you might like it with the leaves on.

First, make a circle the size you want your wreath. Add a small piece of wire after the first circle to make it super easy to stay together while you wind the vine around. Keep going around the circle and weaving into and out of it every few times to bring the vine together and give it a woven look.

Make it a group effort. Some can pull the vine off the bush, others can cut it, and the rest can make the wreath. When you have reached the desired size, secure the end with a piece of wire or twine.

I love the look of natural beauty as decoration. A grapevine wreath can be used year-round with many different types of decorations.

A nature walk can become a wreath-making expedition. Natural items are always on hand, and creating gifts from nature helps your children become curious about what else natural objects can be made into.


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