quick skillet bread

Quick Weeknight Skillet Bread

By Holly Giles | Uncategorized

Easy Skillet Bread I love a piece of good crusty bread. Skillet bread is very similar to focaccia from an Italian restaurant. Do you remember the Macaroni Grill? I think it was my favorite place just for the bread. Quick weeknight skillet bread is my version of the focaccia at Macaroni Grill. Except, it can […]

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canning peaches at home for food storage

How to Can Sliced Peaches

By Holly Giles | Kitchen , Simple Living

Canning Sliced Peaches Canning sliced peaches is the perfect taste of summer for me since my days at the barn in Alabama with my grandparents. Those juicy bites of perfection dripping down my face were a delight. Watching my grandmother “put up” peaches wasn’t as much fun as swinging on the grapevines out back so […]

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Dry Canning Flour

By Holly Giles | Home , Kitchen

Dry Canning Flour I read up on canning flour when I got a 50-pound bag of flour. At that time flour was hard to come by and I needed to bake bread for our family. Bread was off the shelves of the store and ingredients for baking were not available either. A restaurant supply store […]

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garden goals

Set Garden Goals in 4 Easy Steps

By Holly Giles | Home

Garden Goals Have you ever thought about setting garden goals? If you are like me, you are motivated by simply getting outside and connecting with nature. I love to get outside in beautiful weather and that makes me want to grow something. Gardening is a way to squeeze in some physical activity into a busy […]

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victory garden

Victory Garden Homestead Tour

By Holly Giles | Home

Victory Garden The victory garden of the 1940s has made a comeback with full force. Families are looking to food sources they had not thought of before which is exciting news for gardening. During world war II the government was reverting large manufacturing to war efforts and supplies. In turn, the government asked citizens to […]

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Cooking With Blueberries

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

Cooking with Blueberries Blueberries bring back memories of going wild blueberry picking with my grandparents in the backwoods of Alabama. Every summer I would go stay with them on their property and live the country life. I learned how to forage for different foods and visit neighbors who were growing big gardens. Those are some […]

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