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Holly is an author, storyteller, and Florida Master Naturalist who loves to share heritage skills taught to her by her grandmothers. Florida has been her family home for generations and preserving that lifestyle for the future is her goal. Holly enjoys coming alongside women to share skills and help them discover their own natural gifts and talents.

strawberry muffins

Whole Wheat Strawberry Muffins

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

Whole Wheat Strawberry Muffins Whole wheat strawberry muffins are a great way to use fresh, frozen or dried strawberries. I love making these in batches to freeze for later use. These strawberry muffins also make great gifts for a last-minute treat to take to a gathering. Many people don’t like using fresh fruit like strawberries […]

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Chocolate Banana Monkey Muffins

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

Chocolate Banana Monkey Muffins Chocolate Banana Monkey Muffins are a staple recipe in my kitchen. Who doesn’t often have bananas that have gone past their eating prime? I like to use bananas and make a few recipes I can put in the freezer for later use. The chocolate adds a unique flavor that isn’t often […]

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Peach Barbeque Chicken

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

Peach Barbeque Chicken Peach barbeque chicken has become a favorite quick weeknight meal for my family. The crockpot is a lifesaver when I am working during the week. I can throw all the ingredients in before I leave, and dinner is made when I get home. I use frozen chicken thighs or breasts. Depending on […]

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quick skillet bread

Quick Weeknight Skillet Bread

By Holly Giles | Uncategorized

Easy Skillet Bread I love a piece of good crusty bread. Skillet bread is very similar to focaccia from an Italian restaurant. Do you remember the Macaroni Grill? I think it was my favorite place just for the bread. Quick weeknight skillet bread is my version of the focaccia at Macaroni Grill. Except, it can […]

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bowl of peaches for canning

How to Can Sliced Peaches

By Holly Giles | Kitchen , Simple Living

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn commission on qualifying purchases Canning Sliced Peaches Canning sliced peaches are the perfect taste of summer for me since my days at the barn in Alabama with my grandparents. Those juicy bites of perfection dripping down my face were a delight. Watching my grandmother “put up” peaches weren’t as […]

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peach cobbler

Southern Peach Cobbler

By Holly Giles | Kitchen , Uncategorized

Peach Cobbler Southern peach cobbler is a nostalgic recipe for me. My grandmother, Meemee, made the best peach cobbler every time.  When the peach season came around, I couldn’t wait to go to my grandparent’s house. I knew cobbler would be on the menu over the weekend. I carry on the family tradition of the […]

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Dry Canning Flour

By Holly Giles | Home , Kitchen

Dry Canning Flour Dry canning flour has been around since my grandmother’s time. I read up on canning flour when I got a 50-pound bag of flour. At the time, flour was hard to come by due to a shortage, and I needed to bake bread for our family because it was not available in […]

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