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Venison Jerky at Home

By Holly Giles | Home , Kitchen

Venison Jerky Harvesting and preserving meat was a big part of generations past. Making venison jerky at home has become popular with homesteaders across America. Harvesting your own meat for the family is a big responsibility and a way to be in control of your food supply. Bringing home meat and curing it in several […]

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homestead granola

Best Kid Approved Granola

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

Our Go-To Snack Granola is one of those snacks that makes you feel like you are outdoors even if your not. I remember making granola in grade school on a campout and we called it GORP. I am not sure what the O stands for but it had granola, raisins peanuts and m&m’s in it. […]

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Honey Wheat Bread

By Holly Giles | Kitchen , Simple Living

  Honey Wheat Bread Honey Wheat bread is our favorite multi-use bread. We use it weekly for sandwiches and toast. Print out the Honey Whole Wheat Bread recipe and gather the ingredients together. Bake your bread along with Holly as she demonstrates the recipe or watch the video once before making your loaves. Bread baking […]

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