I am Holly, a wife, mother, and storyteller. Sit with me awhile. I'll share stories of the mess and glory of this life, and we can inspire each other to blaze new trails with our families.


Become a Backyard Naturalist
Become a Backyard Naturalist A naturalist is someone who studies living things in their habitat.  Naturalists observes the same thing[...]
How Checking Boxes Stole the Joy of Our Homeschool
I began the adventure of homeschool with joy in my heart for what was to come. Preschool was so fun[...]
Learning Can Happen When We Get Out of the Way
Our school year is coming to a close for evaluations this summer. I technically school year round because of our[...]
Nature Morning Time
Morning time seems to be a buzz word lately. We have been doing a form of it for eleven years[...]


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