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Hi, I'm Holly and welcome to The Giles Frontier!

Curtis and I have been married going on 22 years now. We met in 2nd grade and then again when I was 17. He waited patiently for me to figure out that he was the man I needed to walk through life with. Ten years into our marriage, after years of infertility issues, we had our boys, three years apart. Grayson is 13 and Grant is 10.

Curtis and I did not know how amazing and exhausting parenting would be. Then, we decided to school them at home and the amazing exhaustion magnified!

I never imagined that in our journey with kids that I would become a homeschool mom, a chicken keeper, pitiful homesteader, author, outdoor explorer, entrepreneur, and seek crazy craft projects to keep my sanity. Whew, that was a mouthful!

 In the process of discovering all of these wonderful things alongside my boys, I have also been faced with hard truths about raising special needs kids. The challenges we faced early on in parenthood led us to step away from traditional learning and blaze a trail of our own.

So why do I write here? God has led my family on an amazing path to discover purposeful, natural learning in simple ways. He has been using our experiences to teach me lessons that I share through stories of hope, inspiration, and real-life living with you. Homeschooling is the basis of The Giles Frontier, yet life is all encompassing in what I share. So leave the dishes in the sink, grab a cup of coffee and your mudboots for some friendly, honest conversation, out on my back porch.