Backyard Butterflies Science Curriculum

By Holly Giles

Backyard Butterflies Science Curriculum



Bring butterflies to your own backdoor with our butterflies science curriculum. This simple, easy-to-follow module will give you the confidence to bring wonder and curiosity to your family with one plant.

Mini-Unit includes:

  • 3 lessons that will take 1-4 weeks to complete
  • ready-to-go instructions to carry out the lessons and printables for children to complete
  • 1 hands-on craft
  • 1 recipe for children to prepare
  • 1 video link about monarch caterpillars
  • book recommendations to keep read-aloud time alive
  • ideas for using this project over and over again
  • certificate and badge

Backyard butterflies science curriculum is taken from Blaze New Trails with few additions.

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