Pond Life Mini Unit

By Holly Giles

Pond Life Mini Unit



Experiential learning comes alive with the study of ponds and fresh water. Math, art, marine life, plant life, and organisms, along with fun activities bring this unit to life for your children. Everyday living can provide an amazing education with multiple ages.

Mini-Unit includes:

  • 3 lessons that will take 1-4 weeks to complete
  • ready-to-go instructions to carry out the lessons and printables for children to complete
  • 6 hands-on activities or crafts
  • 1 recipe for children to prepare
  • 1 video about the lesson
  • book recommendations to keep read aloud time alive
  • ideas for using this project over and over again
  • certificate and badge

This unit is marked “not-so-outdoorsy” because you can do the tadpole experiment inside your home and read the wonderful books about pond life we recommend until you are ready for the pond experiments.