Garden with Kids

By Holly Giles

Garden with Kids


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Garden with kids

The garden with kids is a course on basic gardening concepts, tools, soil, containers, and how to grow simple vegetables successfully with your kids.

  • 35 pages of information on how to get started, tools needed, and charts.
  • What to grow, and what supplies you need.
  • Ten plus instructional and informational videos are included in the course.
  • Printables to use for keeping track of seeds, notes, growth, and much more.

This course shares our family’s garden for a season and what we did right and wrong. Then we help you get started growing just one thing.

We also visit a friend who is an expert gardener. She shares tips and tricks for new and seasoned gardeners. Compost and seed saving is our last topic. Follow our journey to the Baker Creek Seed Company and learn about heirloom seeds. We also talk about being an entrepreneur farmer. Could you be a farmer?

This course is the perfect place to start a family garden in a pot on the back porch or a patch out in your yard.

This is not a printed product shipped to you. It is online.